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Patio designs in Aberdeen


Paths and Patios are a great opportunity to add design and direction to your front and back garden and make it more practical and accessible. There are many factors to consider when laying a path and we at Sujka Services believe that we take all of them into account. We use solid stone, concrete or ceramic for most of our projects as they are safer to walk on than other materials. However we are tailoring every pathway towards our client’s needs and take the size of the garden area into consideration to design and lay the most suitable path for you. Our specialists have been laying paths for many years, gaining the experience and knowledge to be called specialists. By working together with the UK´s leading hard landscaping manufacturer we are confident that we can provide highest quality products and excellent service.  

Why choose us?

We have a large variety of patio styles available

Sujka Services provides great aftercare for your patio

We are famous for our affordable pricing and high quality

Our team always ensures excellent customer service


We not only guarantee customer service but offer the Hard Landscape Guarantee

 What we can offer you:

  • Professional patio designs
  • Patio decking service
  • Patio paving works
  • Professional ground surveys
  • Effective drainage services for the soil
  • if required: we provide material samples for viewing
  • Different types of paving: concrete, lock blocks, slabs and tarmac
  • and much more.

If you are looking for a unique and modern-looking patio in your garden - call us and find out more about our patio lying services. We will help you through the entire patio design preparation, soil drainage, ground survey, decking works and water-jet cleaning.

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