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Hedge trimming services Aberdeen

Sujka Services Ltd company deliver unique quality hedge trimming services within Aberdeen and its surroundings. If you are looking for some specialists in cutting hedges, but also pruning trees or reducing the weeds - then you can contact us. We can do with pretty much everything which is connected to trimming, cutting, pruning, etc.

What characterises us:

  • we can take up each size projects,
  • we trim and clear hedges which are overgrown,
  • we trim ornamental hedges,
  • we can do ornamental hedges if you require,
  • we offer professional hedge maintenance on regular basis,
  • small, medium, large - the hedge size does not matter!
  • our prices are lowest on the market,
  • the quality of our works is always kept on the highest level,
  • we are professionals with long-term experience,

Nowadays it is very popular to have a hedge as they have several important functions. First they provide a nice and natural barrier from wind and offers a great solution for those who need both some privacy and more green area in their garden.

Second, hedges make the garden to look more prestigious especially if they are shaped in some highly effective ornamented forms. It is vital for hedges to be properly maintained and cared for to realise their functions in an effective way. Due to this, we always ensure that your hedge is trimmed, cleaned and protected from insects and other potential threats.

Our professional gardeners can create beautifully-shaped hedges which will add a lot of fashionable and uniquely-styled natural green fences all around your garden. We are equipped with the latest technology pruning and trimming devices which make the works effortless.

If you would like to get more info on how we work and what gardening services we can offer you - just browse through our website or contact us - we will answer all your questions and advise on how to properly care for your hedges, trees and other green areas.

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